Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 days til it's official.

Hello Everyone:

The wedding is 10 days away.
10 days.
1 week and 3 days.

It has been exciting for everyone involved.

We've hit a few bumps. My suit I ordered is too small. The catering company wasn't answering the calls for a few days. My grandma isn't comfortable riding in a car for 4 hours...
It's safe to say, we're stressed.
Actually, we're really, really, majorly stressed.

But we're more excited than ever. We're getting married here!
We've worked so hard so far planning, making decorations, organizing, making calls, writing the ceremony, and on, and on.

Last night we painted more bird houses... Again.
2 days before that we sent the ceremony over to the reverend Rich on Jewell St.
Few days before that us boys got our new suits. Buy one get two free. So we got six...

So it's also safe to say things are falling into place quite nicely.

Not much left to do here in Oakland County. Most of the work left will be done when we get up north.

Here are some pictures to look at. Some of these ended up on the invitations you received, but every invitation only had one picture... Some of the pictures are just silly and fun to look at.


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